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Sell It

Have an item for sale?
The Captain can sell it for you.

3 Ways to Trade

  • 1 Item stays with you

    For items under £1000 the final sale price is split between you (75%) and the Captain (25%).
    For items over £1000 you will get 80% and the Captain 20%.

  • 2 The Captain takes it away

    The Captain will store the item for you until it is sold.
    Charges start from 20%.

  • 3 Buy it outright

    See the buy-it page for more details.

How it Works

Step 1 What have you?

Fill in the contact form and tell us about what your item you wish to sell.

Step 2 Book Appointment

Arrange an appointment with the Captain. He operates mainly in the South West and Wales but can go nationally on request.
He will inspect your item, photograph it and list it for sale (subject to Terms and Conditions) .

Step 3 Complete Sale

The Captain will sell your item and and once sold he can pay you immediately in cash or pay into your bank.